Meet our Customers

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We chose Upstash specifically because it offers an HTTP interface for Redis, which perfectly suited our needs

Ben BiranEngineering Manager

Before Upstash we used Redis Cloud. This was not serverless, you had to think about instance size, memory usage etc. which we really don't want to do as it pulls our focus from product engineering, any time spent on operations like this is less time spent on our products and what differentiates Branch.

Adithya ReddySoftware Engineering Manager

With Upstash we minimized the our operational costs and we also felt very safe that we only pay for what we use, this is on top of amazing support we get whenever we need it.

Aymerick ValetteFounding Engineer

Upstash Redis helped us combine Primary Database and Caching Needs

Emery DenuccioSoftware Engineer

The Upstash JS SDK is incredibly easy to use – all I needed to do was run npm install, initialize the Redis instance, and start running redis commands – super simple! As for performance – our links have sub 200ms redirect times, thanks to Upstash!

Steven TeyFounder

Upstash service has been bulletproof, with almost zero issues, and their support team is some of the most incredible people. They helped us troubleshoot issues down to the code level

Terence PaeCTO, Cofounder
Sweet Analytics

Upstash Kafka has essentially allowed us to focus more on shipping new features and provide a higher quality service, as well as simplify our operations by using a managed service rather than setting it up and managing it ourselves

Miguel MartinezChief Technology Officer

We switched from Confluent to Upstash as the pricing model is much more reasonable. Not only on cost, technically Upstash also works better with JavaScript/TypeScript

Victor QuinnCofounder and CTO